Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Cleaning protocol to be applied according to Covid-19 Rules

We are all excited for travelling and we know that you are much more excited than us, even

certain things are different.. We are well aware that “ cleaning and disinfection “ expectations of our guests have changed.. For his reason, to offer more and better cleaning, accomodation conditions , we have updated our hygiene rules. During your stay , to make you feel much better we have increased our sanitation standards which already were high with  highest quality, reliable cleaning brands..

During Check-in

- Our staff will meet you in social distance with their masks on..
- We will kindly check your fever and request the personal official documents.
- Your luggage will be disinfected during check-in and your sterilised room keys will be given.
- Besides , all staff entering the facility, their fever will be checked and asked if they have any cough, soar throat etc.. In case of any evidence they will be send to hospital.


- Before your arrival , the rooms and air-condition filters will be sterilised.
- Rooms will be ventilated during the day.
- All areas where you often touch will all be disinfected ( all door handles, locks, light switches, telephone, taps, hair dryer, hangers , remote controls)
- Our team is trained for cleaning your room according to Covid 19 rules.

Restaurant & Bar

We are so sure that one of the most important part of accomodation is food and drink. For this reason this is our priority to make it in the most secure and safe way.. While we will be improving our menu, all food prepared by our chef will be served according to high
standards of health.

- Our restaurant and bar are designed according to social distance rules.
- Tables, chairs and all materials on the table will be disinfected before and after the service..
- All plates and glass will be washed under high temparature.
- Napkins, cutlery , salt and pepper shakers will be served in single-use packs
- Breakfast and dinner will be served by only one person.
- Because of pandemic reasons rstaurant will only serve hotel guests.
- If guests prefer we can serve their food in their private terrace.
- In the restaurant and bar we have placed hand disinfection points.
- All vegetables and fruits will be washed up by micron filtered and UV sterilized water.
- Food being cooked in open air will be served with plates kept in special protective area.
- All cutlery will be cleaned under UV .

Common Areas

- Sunbeds placed accordingly , to social distance with single use covers.
- Pool is sterilized with chlorine
- Common areas regularly will be washed with pulverized disinfectant.
- For our guests we have prepared hand disinfection facilities, all around the hotel
- Additionaly , either in common areas or in private areas sinks or similar materials which are used often will be cleaned every hour regularly.


- Before and after all check-in/out , water is emptied and they will be cleaned with special disinfectants, ther will be filled with sterilised water.