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There is some discovery in every beautiful story. Sometimes you discover your dreams. And sometimes the reasons to take you after your dreams find you.

By the beginning of 1980s, Beyaz Yunus was the dream of a young sailor.  At the location where the Mediterranean meets Aegean Sea, a three-room stone house on the top of the rocks, high above the sea; a warm seafood restaurant among the historical olive trees and a slope watching the sea. And below, a boat among the waves, tied to a concrete block.

All came true.
That slope which inspired that young sailor in order to discover his dreams, is today a hotel accommodating 14 guests in its 7 rooms, which offer them the warmness and comfort of their homes on 7/24 basis. Above all, a shelter full of peace and tranquility, where the visitors can take a short break in life in order to discover their dreams and themselves.

Whenever you desire to get away from the city, we still meet the sunset on the same slope.