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Boat Tours

Tens of bays to be discovered around Ölüdeniz are waiting for the sea-lovers. You can enjoy swimming in the deep-blue bays, which do not even have an access road.


A pleasant world in Ölüdeniz and its surrounding is waiting for those who love underwater world. By participating in the scuba diving training programs, you can return home your vacation with a diver badge

Fethiye King Tombs

Fethiye King Tombs near to the center of the county are one of the important symbols of the city. Rock Tombs, which are graves carved into the natural rocks are among the ruins of Lycian Period, which survived up to today. By discovering these tombs which can be climbed by steps, you can enjoy the view of Fethiye.

Gemiler Island

Gemile Island, Gemiler Bay across the island and Gemiler Valley are one of the natural protected areas of our country. This hidden paradise is the second largest and beautiful bay in the area after Ölüdeniz Bay. Gemile Island, with its previous name Aya Nicola, is 9 km away from Fethiye. It folds our sea pleasure with its beautiful beach, surrounded by olive and pine trees

Jeep Safari

It's an option in touch with nature for those who love action on their vacations. You can add perfect panoramas to your photograph archive, with special Safari Jeeps either on the surrounding mountains, or up to Patara

Kabak Bay

To see Kabak Bay is a must when you come to Faralya. Deep-blue sea waiting to be discovered behind the green high hills… Although it is a little bit difficult to reach, yoga sessions which are practiced every morning and evening, a beach where you can sunbath as free of charge, high hills that meet you with all its magnificence when you look around are waiting for you in order to fill up with peace in Kabak Bay, where you shall feel yourself completely in the heart of the nature


You can feel the history with the architectural structure, narrow streets, churches and nature of Kayaköy, an abandoned Greek village between Fethiye and Ölüdeniz. There are important city ruins of the ancient world and archeological sites near Kayaköy

Lycian Way Trekking

Lycian Way, which is considered to be among the best 10 trekking trails of the world,  is right under your feet with Beyaz Yunus. If you like discovering the nature by walking, this activity, which shall be realized as accompanied by guides, is exactly the one for you.


You can enjoy the magnificent view from Babadağ Mountain while gliding through the sky accompanied by specialized pilots and land on Ölüdeniz Belcekız beach.

Saklıkent Canyon

Saklıkent Canyon, 45 kilometers away from Fethiye, where spring waters of Bey Mountains flow, has a fascinating trekking trail with rocks that are shaped by the flows. 18 kilometers long canyon offers an option with its rocky structure, which is so narrow and high that daylight cannot penetrate, and with its ice-cold flowing water which is an alternative for the sea.

The Valley of Butterflies

The Valley of Butterflies in Faralya Village, a garden of Eden, which preserved itself since it is located behind high hills, is among the places which is a must to see when you come to Ölüdeniz. It is like a hidden shelter with its waterfall falling from a height of 50 meters, more than 80 species of butterflies it accommodates, snow-white beach.